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Essay on the Value of Time – For Students


In this article, we give a 500+ word essay on the value of time for the benefit of students in different classes from 1 to 10.

Essay on the Value of Time:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”. This saying attributed to the scientist Charles Darwin succinctly explains why time is a valuable resource. Everyone agrees that human life is precious and valuable. But since human life is composed of nothing but the passage of innumerable moments of time it follows that each and every moment of our time is precious.

Limited Availability of Time:

Let us try to understand this in another way. What are the factors that make any particular commodity to be considered valuable by society at large? One such factor is the scarcity of the resource. For example, Gold is considered to be valuable and one of the reasons behind it is the fact that gold is rare and therefore precious. Similarly, the time allotted to us in life is limited. Hence we need to ensure that we productively utilize each and every moment allotted to us and contribute to society.

Time and Happiness:

The preciousness of time also lies in the fact that our happiness in life is also dependent on how we spend our time. Time well spent in hard work will reward us later in life. “Time flies over us but leaves its shadow behind” – Nathaniel Hawthorne. This means that our present time has a great impact on our future happiness. If we work hard and save money when we are young then it allows us to have a peaceful and happy life in old age without any worries.

Time and Leisure:

Time is also valuable in another aspect – Leisure. The time that we spend on leisure activities cannot always be said to be a waste of time. Just working all the time is a recipe for disaster. Whenever we spend time pursuing hobbies such as reading books, playing sports, etc. it has a positive impact on our mental well-being and happiness. The time that we spend with our family and friends also gives us joy.

Time Cannot be Reversed:

It is important to remember that time cannot be reversed or brought back. We cannot change any mistakes that we make in the past. The only thing that lies within our control is the present. Many people waste their time and then come to regret it later in life. This is of no use to us since the past is beyond our ability to change or control. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to recognize the value of each and every moment. We should spend our time in such a way that we can be proud of later on in our life.

Proper Utilization of Time:

This brings us to the importance of time management and the importance of having a consistent schedule in our life. “Better three hours too soon than one minute too late”. This quote attributed to the famous author and dramatist Shakespeare illustrates the importance of completing ones work on time. It is preferable to complete any work that one needs to do before the due date. If we are faced with multiple tasks all at once then we should first complete those tasks that are essential and urgent, followed by those that are not so essential or urgent.

Finally, the greatest reminder of the value of time is Death. Death is the ultimate reminder of the preciousness of time. We are faced with two choices in life – either we spend our time wisely ensuring happiness for us and our family or we can fritter away our time in frivolous activities. If we choose to do the latter then it becomes very hard for us to become successful in life. In order to have a good life without regrets it is necessary that we recognize that our time is invaluable.  

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