Statistics Tutorials

Here you will find a variety of articles and tutorials on a range of topics from probability distributions to hypothesis testing. If you have a specific query, type it into the search bar to find an article related to the topic.


Limitations of Statistics

Discrete vs Continuous Variables

Left Skewed Histogram

Right Skewed Histogram

Frequency Polygon

Frequency Polygon vs Histogram

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pie Charts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bar Graphs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Line Graphs

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Descriptive Statistics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inferential Statistics

Shortcut Method for Mean (Explained with Examples)

Mean Absolute Deviation – Calculation | Examples

Grand Mean – Calculation & Examples

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mean in Statistics

Harmonic Mean-What is it? Explained with Examples

Advantages, Disadvantages & Uses of Harmonic Mean

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Uses of Geometric Mean

Median for Grouped Data – Calculation & Examples

How to find the Median of Odd Numbers?

Median of Even Numbers – Procedure & Examples

Advantages, Disadvantages & Uses of Median in Statistics

Mode for Grouped Data – Formula & Examples

How to find Mode using Histogram – Step by Step Explanation

Properties of Mode – Uses, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Examples of Kurtosis Calculation (Step by Step)

Student Newman Keuls’s test

Chauvenets Criterion

Grubbs test

Advantages and Properties of Regression Analysis

Mann Whitney U Test in Excel

Probability Distributions:

Bernoulli Distribution

Poisson Distribution – Formula & Examples

Trinomial Distribution

Multinomial Distribution

Geometric Distribution – Explained with Examples

Uniform Distribution


Advantages and Disadvantages of Probability Sampling

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Probability Sampling

Advantages and Disadvantages of Simple Random Sampling

Stratified Random Sampling

Cluster Sampling

Judgemental Sampling-Explained with Examples

Systematic Sampling – Advantages & Disadvantages