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Normative Socio-cultural Graded Influences


Normative socio-cultural graded influences are events that affect almost all of the people born in a particular society and immersed in a particular culture. If a person is brought up with certain cultural values, it is expected that society and culture have an impact on the life of that individual.

Concept of normative socio-cultural graded influences

Since such cultural factors affect a majority of the population they are called normative influences. Events that do not affect a majority of the population are called non normative influences.

Some examples of normative sociocultural graded influences:

  1. The events that occur in life due to society such as going to kindergarten, enrolling in school, graduating from university are examples of normative sociocultural graded influences.
  2. A person goes through various events such as celebrating birthdays, getting married, etc. because of cultural influences.
  3. A person’s race and ethnicity has an influence on the life of the person. The individual can face bias or prejudice due to his racial or ethnic background.
  4. A person’s social class is an example of sociocultural graded influence. The life of a middle class person will be very different from that of an extremely rich person.

Other kinds of graded influences:

  1. Normative history graded influences are the historical events that have an influence on a majority of population of that historical period.
  2. Normative age graded influences are the experiences which people have due to their age.

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