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Is 0 a Real Number? (Simple Explanation)


It is indeed true that zero is a real number. Now give a simple step-by-step explanation for why zero is a real number.

Why is Zero a Real Number?

  1. The number 0 is a whole number.
  2. All the whole numbers are integers. Therefore, zero is an integer.
  3. All of the integrs are rational numbers. Therefore, zero is a rational number.
  4. Any rational number is automatically a real number. Therefore, we can conclude that 0 is indeed a real number.

Example of a Number that is not Real:

The square root of -1 is an example of a number that is not real. That is \sqrt{-1} is not a real number. This is because there is no number which when multiplied by itself gives -1. Such numbers are also known as complex or imaginary numbers. Since the number 0 has nothing to do with the imaginary number \sqrt{-1} we can safely say that 0 is indeed a real number.

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