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If I were a Parrot – (Essay for Students)


If I were reborn to be a parrot I would have two choices in life. I could either be a wild parrot enjoying my life in the rainforest or I could be a domestic parrot and live my life as a pet.

Personally, I would prefer to live as a pet rather than on my own in the wild. This is because I would like to have a leisurely life and being a domestic pet would allow me to have a relaxed life. If I were a wild parrot I would have to worry about foraging for food. I would also have to worry about running away from hunters and predators.

It is a well-known fact that parrots can imitate human speech. If I were to become a domestic parrot the first thing I would like to do would be to learn to talk. This will allow me to convey my thoughts and desires to my human owner.

If I were a Parrot, I would display my colorful feathers

I would request my human owner to allow me out of the cage whenever I felt like flying for some time. This will allow me to enjoy my freedom whenever I want to. Of course, if I were any other bird I would not be able to do that since I would not be able to speak.

I like eating fruits very much. I would eat sweet fruits like mangoes all the time. I would display my colorful feathers for everyone to enjoy. I would like to make my human owner happy as a token of appreciation for taking good care of me. Truly life as a parrot would be enjoyable!

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