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If I were a Panda – (Essay for Students)


If I were an animal, I would like to be a panda. I think that pandas are very cute and cuddly. I am very jealous of how Pandas lead a slow and peaceful life.

If I were a Panda I would like to live in the wild. I would like to be surrounded by green forests and bamboo plants all year round. If I were a Panda I would like to live near a lake with plenty of food available nearby. This way I would be able to feed on Bamboo whenever I felt hungry.

If I were a Panda, I would like to laze around

I would regularly take baths in the lake near me. If I were a Panda I would be very proud of my cute and cuddly appearance. In general, I would prefer to avoid contact with humans. I would like to live a solitary life free from human worries and attachments.

I would like to socialize with my fellow Pandas and other friendly animals. Since Pandas are mostly herbivores, I believe that most animals would not be wary of approaching me.

If I were a Panda, I would be very careful and hide from humans. Since many humans find pandas adorable I am afraid they would try to capture me and steal my freedom. I would hate to be put in a zoo and be displayed like an object.

I would spend most of my time playing around with my fellow Pandas. I would sleep whenever I like, eat whenever I like, and have fun all the time. Truly life as a Panda would be heavenly!

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