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If I were a Peacock – (Essay for Students)


According to the well-known English author John Ruskin – “Peacocks and lilies are one of the most beautiful things in this world”. I would certainly be very happy if I were to suddenly turn into a beautiful creature such as a peacock.

If I were a peacock I would be very proud of my colorful feathers and my beauty. I would spread my feathers all day long and show them off to everyone who wanted to watch. If I were to become a peacock I would be very friendly to humans who came to visit me. If any humans would want to get closer to me, I would allow them to do so.

I would allow humans to pet me and my beautiful feathers. I would try to make any humans who visit to see me happy when they leave. Although if humans were to try to pluck my feathers from my body forcefully I would be very sad. I would not mind if humans were to pick any feathers that would naturally fall off from my body.

I would also like to make friends with other peacocks living in the forest. I also love small animals such as rabbits and squirrels. Although rabbits are afraid of humans and run away on seeing them, I believe that if I were a peacock rabbits would allow me to approach them and come closer to them.

If I were a peacock I would show off my beauty

If I were a peacock then I would dance and try very hard to attract female peacocks to me. I would dance and spread my feathers in the rainy season so that the female peacocks get captivated by my beauty. I would live together with my flock and take care of my young ones. I would forage around for food and water and make sure that my young ones are protected from predators and other harmful animals.

I would like to fly away from the top of the hills and admire the beauty and greenery of nature. Even though peacocks cannot fly for a long time, I would still enjoy myself by flying for short periods at a time. I would touch the clouds and feel the breeze blowing around me.

Since my feathers are so beautiful I would have to be careful of illegal hunters and poachers who try to hunt me down for my beautiful feathers. But since I am the national bird of India, I believe that I am well protected. I believe that most humans will love me and try to protect my life and freedom. Therefore I will live my life without any worries.

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