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If I were a Lion – (Essay for Students)


If I were an animal I would like to be a lion. It is well known that the lion is the King of the Jungle. The lion is the most powerful and intimidating animal among all animals living in the jungle.

If I were a lion I would like to live in the African Savannahs. I would roam freely in the lush grass not afraid of any animal. No other animal would dare approach me or try to scare me.

I have always liked the majestic mane of the Lion. If I were a lion I would feel very happy since I would have a majestic mane. I would display my mane proudly and roar loudly and freely. My roar of happiness would echo throughout the jungle.

If I were a lion, I would display my majestic mane and roar loudly

Although Lions are solitary creatures they live in groups called prides with other lionesses and cubs. Every pride of Lions has a single leader who acts as the head of the group and makes all the important decisions. I would like to be the leader of the pride. I would lead my pride with a sense of responsibility.

I would spend my time hunting and providing food for my tribe. Since Lions have sharp claws and strong teeth I would have no problems in having to take down large animals such as deer, buffaloes, etc.

If I were a lion, I would spend a lot of my time lying around enjoying the sunlight. I would take naps in the afternoon to recover my strength and energy so that I can protect my pride.

Even though lions are called King of the Jungle it does not mean that they do not face any problems when living in the jungle. Many animals and scavengers like hyenas try to steal away food from the lions. I will be on the alert to make sure that no scavengers steal the food that is meant for me and my family. I am sure that I will be able to lead a very happy life as a lion.

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