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If I were a Dolphin – (Essay for Students)


If I were an animal I would like to be a dolphin. I visited an aquarium some time ago and happened to watch a dolphin acrobatics show. I was very impressed by the agility and flexibility of the dolphins. This is the reason I would like to be a dolphin.

If I were a dolphin, I could either be a part of an aquarium or I could be a wild dolphin. If I were born in an aquarium, I would be able to put on a show for people and spread happiness among humans.

I would jump around and play in the water. I would perform difficult acrobatic maneuvers in front of a human audience. I would be very friendly with my other fellow dolphins who live with me in the aquarium.

If I were a dolphin I would jump around and play in the water

I would swim around powerfully, using my fins and tail to propel me at very high speeds. I would leap in and out of the water and display my abilities for everyone to see. Since humans like dolphins very much I am sure that I will be taken care of by the aquarium staff. I would eat the tasty food that the aquarium staff would provide to me.

If I were to be born as a wild dolphin then I would have to spend time hunting for food and nutrition. Since dolphins can use their voice (echolocation) as a way to detect objects, I am sure that I would have no problems looking for food. One advantage of being born in the wild ocean will be that I will be able to explore the vast and beautiful ocean. I would dive as deep into the ocean as possible and experience all the mysteries and wonders of nature. I am sure that my life as a dolphin would be spent without worries and full of happiness!

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