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8mm to Inches as a fraction (Step by Step Explanation)


The value of 8 millimeters expressed in inches is equal to 0.314961 inches, that is, there are approximately 0.315 inches in 8 millimeters. We now explain how to convert any given measurement in millimeters into inches.

Method 1 – Divide the measurement given in mm by 25.4 to convert to inches

It is a well-known fact that 1 inch is exactly equal to 25.4mm. Therefore, to convert a measurement in mm to inches we should divide it by 25.4. As an example let us convert 25.4mm to inches. We have that, 8mm = \frac{8}{25.4} \text{ inches } Carrying out the division process we obtain that, 8mm = 0.314961 \text{ inches }

This is approximately equal to 0.315 inches which can be expressed as a fraction as follows, 8mm = 0.315\text{ inches } = \frac{315}{1000}\text{ inches } 8mm = \frac{315}{1000} = \frac{63}{500} \text{ inches } So 8mm is approximately equal to 63/500 inches as a fraction.

Method 2 – Multiply by 0.0393701 to convert mm to inches

Multiplying the quantity given in millimeters by 0.0393701 will give you the approximate value in inches. Let us try this again for the case of 8mm. We convert 8mm to inches as follows, 8mm = 8\times 0.0393701 \text{ inches } Carrying out the complete multiplication we obtain that, 8mm = 0.3149608 \text{ inches } This agrees with the answer we obtained above in the first method.

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