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0.875 as a Fraction – Step by Step Explanation


The value of 0.875 as a fraction is equal to 7/8. We now give a step-by-step explanation about how to convert 0.875 in the form of a proper fraction. 0.875 = \frac{7}{8}

Step 1:

When converting a decimal to a fraction we count the number of digits to the right of the decimal and write the corresponding number of zeroes after1 in the denominator. We write the number itself in the numerator after removing the decimal. So we have that, 0.875 = \frac{875}{1000}

Step 2:

We cancel the common factor from both the numerator and denominator. Notice that 5 is a common factor. So both the numerator and denominator get divided by 5. 0.875 = \frac{175}{200}

Step 3:

We keep on dividing by the common factor until the fraction is in reduced form. We once again have the common factor 5. So on canceling the common factor we get that, 0.875 = \frac{\bcancel{175}}{\bcancel{200}} = \frac{35}{40}

Step 4:

The number 5 which is once again a common factor is canceled again and now the fraction is finally in reduced form. 0.875 = \frac{\bcancel{35}}{\bcancel{40}} = \frac{7}{8}

So the final answer when 0.875 is expressed in reduced form is equal to 7/8.

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