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Triangular Distribution Calculator


The triangular distribution is a well known continuous probability distribution. It is called the triangular distribution because the shape of its probability density function is triangular.

This distribution is applied mostly in business simulations when the most likely outcome is known. It is also applied in project management (PERT) where it can be used to calculate the quickest way to complete a given collection of tasks.

The distribution consists of 3 parameters – a (the smallest value of the variable), b (the largest value of the variable), and c (the value where the graph attains the peak). The parameter c of the triangular distribution is in fact the modal value.

The calculator below calculates the mean, median, mode, and variance of the distribution for the given parameter values.

P(x): 0.16667

Mean: 5.33333

Median: 5.46410

Mode: 6.00000

Variance: 1.55556

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