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Mohammed Muaaz Qadri




Discrete Variables [ Definition & Examples ]

You can either classify numeric variables as discrete or continuous. Both these types of variables, discrete and continuous, are taught in introductory statistics classes. However, we will only be discussing discrete variables in detail...

How Many Sides Does a Circle Have?

The answer to ‘How Many Sides Does a Circle Have’ is not as simple as one might expect it to be. Depending on the mathematical sophistication of the person you ask this question, you...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Analysis

Content analysis is a research methodology that involves identifying specific themes, concepts, and specific patterns of words in the data. The technique uses different data types like speeches, conversations, text, and more. To conduct...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Focus Groups

Focus Group is a qualitative market research methodology that involves getting together a group of people to discuss specific topics and understand the participants' views. One example could be a focus group that has...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Primary Data

As is evident from the name, Primary data refers to data collected directly by an individual or an organization through first-hand experience. Since no third party is involved or referenced in this data collection...

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